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The fastest way to build extraordinary B2B apps

Dexla helps you and your development team build better products, fast, on your cloud infrastructure

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Build, create and iterate, fast
Some of the companies building faster with Dexla
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Three easy steps

To launching complex software products in the cloud.

Import Figma UX designs with Dexla

Import Figma

Create a product that looks exactly the same as your UX designs with no effort.

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Connect Datasource

Connect your back-end by linking your data from APIs, PostgreSQL, MongoDb and SQL Server.

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Build your web app

Connect elements to the datasource and create your custom beautiful product.

What our users are saying

Focus on what you do best with the technical complexity of back-end software engineering and Dexla will take care of the front-end.

"I interviewed and rejected 60 React developers. When I got introduced to Dexla I had to decide between finding a developer or Dexla. I chose Dexla."

N. Khaitan

CEO & Product Designer / Crypto Company in Stealth
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"I initially started by hiring an offshore front-end software engineer but progress was slow. I was able to launch in three weeks with Dexla."

E. Rita

CEO & UX Designer / Bnkability

"Current low-code solutions are just far too slow to build something with great UX. Dexla has changed that by converting Figma to a usable product."

T. Lennon

Lead Software Engineer / Inthereum
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"I haven't been too impressed with the performance of other low-code tools and it takes just as long to learn and build, but not with Dexla."

N. Regan

Solution Architect / IoT Company
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Some of the most innovative startups trust Dexla to build its products!
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Bnkability customer of Dexla
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Built for enterprise-scale growth

What you need to get started.

Import Figma UX designs with Dexla

Figma designs

No more painful drag and dropping trying to resemble your designs. Simply import your UX designs and create your custom web application.

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APIs or a database

You have built your complex back-end and have APIs or a relational/document database.


Dexla is a next-generation product dev tool that transforms UX designs into core products for tech companies in the cloud in a few clicks.

Dexla gets world-class products into the hands of users from day one and is the only product dev tool that scales with cloud-first organisations, the same way code does.

Dexla's customers have launched and iterated there way to product-market fit 93% faster than if they were to code.

Dexla deploys the applications in React. In addition, staging environments, version control and analytics integrations come as standard, so you can be assured your product, has code equivalent performance and is ready to scale with you.

Your web-app, fast!

The 100ms rule!
"Every interaction should be faster than 100ms"
Paul Buchheit, Creator of Gmail.

100ms is the threshold where interactions feel instantaneous. We live by this rule, so your web app will be rapidly fast when built with Dexla.

Your web app is built with React.js because we care about speed as much as you do.

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Dashboard built in Dexla
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Dexla authentication settings
Dexla deploy app settings. Use Docker or Dexla Cloud

Go live in hours instead of months

Save time and money on front-end software engineers and launch faster.

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Scale your front-end application with maximum performance

Your customers will feel like your app has been coded in React and not a low-code tool.

For Developers
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Some of the most innovative startups trust Dexla to build its products!
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Bnkability customer of Dexla
Some of the most innovative startups trust Dexla to build its products!
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Bnkability customer of Dexla
Some of the most innovative startups trust Dexla to build its products!
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Bnkability customer of Dexla

Integrations to help you launch faster


Import your Figma designs to save time building or coding and see your designs come to life.

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Connect with the free and open-source relational database management system.

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Import your swagger file and use your API endpoints for tables, charts, forms and more.

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You use to need developers for this. Not anymore.

Build your complex web app, simply.
FREE until you launch!

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Resources for launching your product