Evalio is a tech-enabled real estate appraisal and analysis company, on a mission to change the way that real estate expertise is created and consumed.

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"To deploy an app in the time that we have with Dexla, we'd need to hire multiple front-end developers"
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After receiving their first significant investment, Evalio needed to launch their core platform quickly and inexpensively complying to all security and regulatory compliance. The quality and performance of the platform needed to be of the highest standard to win new customers which are French banks.

Launch quickly without comprising on functionality

Evalio had a very sophisticated back-end and various internal and external APIs. They needed to build a beautiful, functional and easy to use UI to demo their platform and win customers. Given the nature of their customers they needed the platform to be world-class from day one. Evalio also required several integrating platforms such as MapBox, YBug, Crisp, Stripe, Google Places with the ability to add more in the future easily and efficiently.

No front-end software engineering expertise

Evalio's founding team included a very talented and experienced back-end engineer but limited front-end engineering knowledge. Recruiting software engineers is a timely and expensive process and risky as it is difficult to evaluate the skills of a good candidate during technical tests without understanding a front-end software programming language such as React, Vue.js or Angular.

Needed a platform that would scale as they grow

Evalio needed a platform that would scale as more users started using the platform. They didn’t want to use a no-code or low-code tool that was built for MVPs or internal tools because of the restrictive design and logic functionality. Evalio estimated a future spend of $120,000+ per year on front-end software engineers but knew this money could be better used on sales, marketing and more back-end engineers.

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Evalio launched their platform and were able to start earning revenue months before they had anticipated.

Launched in 90 hours

It took just 90 hours to build, launch and test the Evalio PropTech platform.

Launch new features in minutes

Evalio were able to launch features they hadn’t thought of when initially designing and building the platform.

Custom requirements

Evalio were able to switch from US hosting to EU hosting quickly and easily.

"Using Dexla we were able to launch in 90 hours, something that would be impossible for a front-end software engineer"

The quick launch enabled Evalio to speak to users sooner and quickly onboard customers. French banks are using the platform today and are able to get real-estate valuations much faster than previous solutions. Getting customer feedback early with the ability to quickly launch new versions has enabled Evalio to create a great cadence within the organisation.

Evalio came to Dexla with custom requirements they hadn't planned at the start of the project. By default, Dexla’s customers’ platforms are hosted in the US. Given the location of Evalio's banking clients and due to GDPR concerns, EU hosting was needed. Evalio were able to switch to France hosting mid-project build as well as launch a multi-tenant website.

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Evalio were able to launch in 90 hours

With Dexla, Evalio were able to launch its PropTech product in 90 hours. Since using Dexla, Evalio have enabled mortgage orientated banks to change the way they are working by producing real-estate appraisals in minutes instead of weeks.

"The reaction from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. The performance is fast and the application is extremely intuitive. You would think it was built in code."

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"The Dexla team have been fantastic. The level of support has been brilliant and Dexla are very responsive to release new features we have requested."
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