Scale your front-end application with maximum performance

Your application is built with React so you can be assured of maximum speed.

Import your API file

Connecting directly to APIs can be painful. Dexla makes it easy by allowing you to import your OpenAPI Swagger file for fast data connectivity. The only thing you need to do is whitelist our IP address.

Dexla allows startups to import swagger file for fast API connectivity
Dexla allows startups to import swagger files like this Pet Store example for fast API connectivity
Dexla compiled in react code

Your web application, built with React

React is a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces based on components. It is lightning quick, popular in the developer community and helps developers produce beautiful looking applications easily.

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A low-code tool without knowing it is low-code.

Your customers will feel like the react app has been coded from scratch.

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Access to development and production environments, version control, a/b testing, rollback changes and more.

Dexla analytics front-end web app builder


Integrate your favourite analytics platforms such as Mixpanel and deeply understand your customers.

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Dexla doesn't store your data apart from caching to improve performance and your customers experience.

Dexla custom react code

Add custom React components

Add custom Javascript and create React components then reuse in one click.

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Integrate into the platforms you use daily

Figma, REST API, GraphQL, Hasura, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, SQL Server, Mixpanel

Figma invests in DexlaDexla and GraphQL partnershipDexla and Hasura partnershipDexla and PostgreSQL partnershipDexla and MongoDB partnershipDexla and MySQL partnershipDexla and SQL Server partnershipDexla and Mixpanel partnership

You use to need developers for this. Not anymore.

Build your complex web app, simply.
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